Deep inside the cops beat

How else could I learn the attributes of each type of blood spatter found in crime scenes, that dogs in a K-9 Unit can run up to 35 miles per hour or  exactly how a Taser shot feels? Gross on Patrol is a series of articles the Herald-Journal has run each Sunday chronicling my findings as a participant … Continue reading

Blotter round-up

In just one short week at the Spartanburg Herald-Journal we’ve had several serious and some quirky criminal cases — yet my colleagues all say “it’s been a slow week.” On Christmas Day, a man reportedly stabbed another man twice, once in the chest and once in the stomach. Police said the motive stemmed from an … Continue reading

From one newspaper to another

Maps, 10-codes, mug shots and a tip sheet for the do’s and don’t of cops reporting line the sides of my cubicle. Past media credentials are displayed above my desk phone. Soon, another badge will join the ranks — I’ve accepted a new reporter job at the Herald-Journal in South Carolina. The small square space in … Continue reading

NYT’s Brian Stelter heads to CNN

The front page of today’s media industry was all about one man. New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter will soon leave the paper to become a senior media correspondent for CNN and host of the network’s “Reliable Sources.” That career move was announced today. “Reliable Sources” is a weekly program that focuses on media … Continue reading

A grim look at motorcycle crashes

Here’s one worth sharing. I recently dove into motorcycle (and motor scooter) statistics after reporting on one of the more visual and sobering fatal crashes I’ve covered in a long time. A 75-year-old man’s life abruptly ended as he was riding his scooter up a state road and was struck by an SUV turning onto … Continue reading

Recent clips: Ethiopian adoption, credit card fraud and school safety

I meet interesting people everyday. Every so often I find a reason to write about them. Sometimes a person’s story can be just that — a heart-throbbing personal life tale about a situation or circumstance while others’ stories can be the magnifying glass to a broad issue with serious implications. I thought I’d share a … Continue reading

Cops beat: As the dust settles

I’m now six days into my new job here and today I had my first A1 story published in the Frederick News-Post. It was regarding something I was thrown into when I came into the office. I sat my MacBook down only to be called out to the residence of a Frederick man who was … Continue reading

A newfound free moment to break up the day

As you may have noticed, either through my new “about” page or change in tweets, I’ve started the next chapter in my journalism career – life as a Night Cops Reporter for the Frederick News-Post. There are many differences from my previous post at The Gazette and my role here, but one quick one I’ll … Continue reading

It’s difficult making time to reminisce, recollect

Never a dull moment   Judging by the time stamps on these posts, I’ve taken a hiatus from the blog. My sincere apologies. As a cops reporter, it becomes very easy to get lost in the day-to-day muck of police briefs, research, court docs and crime-scene perusing. These past few weeks have been nothing short of a … Continue reading

Originally posted on To Oz & Beyond:
Going on our sixth week of living in Australia’s second largest city, I can honestly say that Melbourne is the best city I have yet travelled.  It’s clean, there’s lots to do, its people are friendly and relaxed, the city itself is beautiful, and the weather, though extremely…