Fighting crime with… iPads?

This week I’ve had a number of conversations with officers in the Spartanburg Police Department about the possibility of having the department use iPads or similar tablet devices. For years now, each patrol cruiser has been stocked with what’s called a Toughbook. They’re heavy, durable laptops and can’t be taken out of the cruisers. They … Continue reading

Social media apps key for today’s journalists

Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr make for easy-share experience while working the beat By now the tech market is saturated with mobile tools and applications to boost your productivity and even creativity in almost any field imaginable. For me, the iPhone and its intriguing apps have been incredible resources for journalism, especially reporting in the field. It’s also … Continue reading

The benefit of Twitter, Facebook engagement

As if it wasn’t already obvious, being active and engaging on Twitter and Facebook (notice I’m not saying “social networking sites” because let’s be honest, those are the only two that matter as of now) is essential when it comes to community involvement and source development. As a professional journalist, I’ve seen the powers of … Continue reading

Don’t know what to Tweet? Don’t worry. No one else does.

It has come to my attention that many Twitter users are in the same boat – they’re not sure what to talk about. It’s clear that Twitter users do appreciate the platform and format of the site and are glad they have a Twitter profile. But at the same time, I believe that many people log … Continue reading

Predicting Facebook’s future growth and valuation

This short article came out in Digiday. It discusses the future of Facebook: Expectations for Facebook are reaching stratospheric proportions. TechCrunch reported that shares of the company on the secondary market are now trading at $34, giving the company an $84 billion implied valuation. It’s tricky to extrapolate valuations of companies that only sell a small … Continue reading

New YouTube features aesthetically pleasing

As if these websites weren’t moving fast enough. I’m sure you’re all aware of the frequent Facebook site renovations, offering new features almost monthly. Well now YouTube is feeling a change.

“Social Media Day?”

One of the leading social and new media websites has taken its power of delivering interesting social media news to a new level of authority – their creating holidays. Today, June 30, they have created and coined the first Social Media Day.

“Facebook movie” campaign begins

On today, there was a post showing the first poster for the up and coming feature film, The Social Network, set to release this fall.

Working for the campaign

A grassroots political election campaign can be the most jumpstart go get ’em type of experience but also a where do we start, what’s being done experience as well. In the end, you’ve just got to run with it and follow the message of the campaign and what the candidate stands for. I’ve been asked … Continue reading