When to use a straight news lede

Sad story today. I was reading The Associated Press’ accounts of a shooting in Maine where five people — including three children between ages 4 and 12 — were found shot to death inside an apartment. The details are sorrowful, but the news is blunt. I wanted to share because I found it to be one … Continue reading

Reporting through 80 pounds of protection

I’l admit, strapping on the bomb suit put me in a Hollywoodesque mindset.I imagined I was starring in the Oscar-nominated The Hurt Locker as I approached the scene of a controlled explosive to ensure the blast detonated. Strips and pieces of cardboard were everywhere. A small blast mark had imprinted in the parking lot space. All clear. The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office … Continue reading

Mentoring a summer intern

For the next couple of months, I have the pleasure of serving as a mentor for one of our summer interns at the Herald-Journal. Andrew Moore is a junior print journalism student at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. I have a cumbersome checklist for him to tackle while he is with us and the internship … Continue reading

Blotter round-up

In just one short week at the Spartanburg Herald-Journal we’ve had several serious and some quirky criminal cases — yet my colleagues all say “it’s been a slow week.” On Christmas Day, a man reportedly stabbed another man twice, once in the chest and once in the stomach. Police said the motive stemmed from an … Continue reading

Recent clips: Ethiopian adoption, credit card fraud and school safety

I meet interesting people everyday. Every so often I find a reason to write about them. Sometimes a person’s story can be just that — a heart-throbbing personal life tale about a situation or circumstance while others’ stories can be the magnifying glass to a broad issue with serious implications. I thought I’d share a … Continue reading

It’s difficult making time to reminisce, recollect

Never a dull moment   Judging by the time stamps on these posts, I’ve taken a hiatus from the blog. My sincere apologies. As a cops reporter, it becomes very easy to get lost in the day-to-day muck of police briefs, research, court docs and crime-scene perusing. These past few weeks have been nothing short of a … Continue reading

Regaining sight of the story behind the story

My last post prior to this one was a mere four months ago in February and I realized that four months is far too long. Being entangled in the essence of my job, writing each day and telling the stories of others, I’ve forgotten to tell my own story and offer my own perspectives. And so, at … Continue reading

The duty of a journalist is to tell the truth

Browsing through the close-out book sale at Borders today, I took a gander at the “media” section, picking up journalism reference books, Hunter S. Thompson novels, and the Page One: Inside the New York Times movie participant media guide. I read yet another inspiring journalism quote in a book that I picked up and felt … Continue reading

The pen is the greatest weapon of all

With only a week prior to the Spring semester, I’ve already begun my independent study course on editorial reporting. I’ve purchased a few books that pertain to the field and so far they are phenomenal. Right now, I’m taking a short break from annotating one of the books, which provides a lot of background on … Continue reading