Latest awards from MDDC Press Association

I’ve been in South Carolina now for about five months. I left The Frederick News-Post in Frederick, Md. to join the ranks at the Herald-Journal in Spartanburg, S.C. and I couldn’t be happier here. That said, I am pleased to feel as if I made a true impact at my last newspaper. I learned Friday that … Continue reading

A grim look at motorcycle crashes

Here’s one worth sharing. I recently dove into motorcycle (and motor scooter) statistics after reporting on one of the more visual and sobering fatal crashes I’ve covered in a long time. A 75-year-old man’s life abruptly ended as he was riding his scooter up a state road and was struck by an SUV turning onto … Continue reading

A newfound free moment to break up the day

As you may have noticed, either through my new “about” page or change in tweets, I’ve started the next chapter in my journalism career – life as a Night Cops Reporter for the Frederick News-Post. There are many differences from my previous post at The Gazette and my role here, but one quick one I’ll … Continue reading

Why the crime beat?

Now a college graduate, I am feverishly applying to jobs around the region and have been since this past winter. I am a multimedia journalist and will take on virtually any beat as long as it means investigative, enterprising, spot news, and multimedia storytelling. But if I would be so fortunate to be given the choice, I … Continue reading