A positive headline among the muck of journalism trends

Well this one caught me by surprise. I was treating myself to a daily dose of headlines from Poynter and Romenesko today. I read one clipping which told the story of a Detroit Free Press staffer who was made to attend a training session on the very day she was laid off. “What’s new?” I … Continue reading

When to use a straight news lede

Sad story today. I was reading The Associated Press’ accounts of a shooting in Maine where five people — including three children between ages 4 and 12 — were found shot to death inside an apartment. The details are sorrowful, but the news is blunt. I wanted to share because I found it to be one … Continue reading

Saturation of online news consumption

Rather than ask where you get your news, how about asking where do you get your news online? By now, studies have shown that while some newspapers are still going strong, more people are consuming news online, so the better question is to ask where online? Social networking sites? Google searches? local news websites? Everyone … Continue reading