A positive headline among the muck of journalism trends

Well this one caught me by surprise. I was treating myself to a daily dose of headlines from Poynter and Romenesko today. I read one clipping which told the story of a Detroit Free Press staffer who was made to attend a training session on the very day she was laid off. “What’s new?” I … Continue reading

The duty of a journalist is to tell the truth

Browsing through the close-out book sale at Borders today, I took a gander at the “media” section, picking up journalism reference books, Hunter S. Thompson novels, and the Page One: Inside the New York Times movie participant media guide. I read yet another inspiring journalism quote in a book that I picked up and felt … Continue reading

Editorial Reporting: (Towerlight) Good news for true journalists

In the digital information age we live in today, we all know that the journalism industry is dying, right? I mean, haven’t you heard your colleagues or co-workers point to journalism as a washed-up industry with no hope of survival? If you have, try to take a step back and consider the following. Over the … Continue reading