A crime reporter’s year in review

Note: This was a post I first published for my Gross on Patrol crime blog at GoUpstate.com. So long, 2014. Another year has come to a close, marking my first full year as the Herald-Journal’s crime and public safety reporter. My days here have flown by. I can’t tell you how easy it is to forget all that I’ve … Continue reading

When to use a straight news lede

Sad story today. I was reading The Associated Press’ accounts of a shooting in Maine where five people — including three children between ages 4 and 12 — were found shot to death inside an apartment. The details are sorrowful, but the news is blunt. I wanted to share because I found it to be one … Continue reading

Why the crime beat?

Now a college graduate, I am feverishly applying to jobs around the region and have been since this past winter. I am a multimedia journalist and will take on virtually any beat as long as it means investigative, enterprising, spot news, and multimedia storytelling. But if I would be so fortunate to be given the choice, I … Continue reading