‘Gross on Patrol’ crime blog offers more detail

Capture423A space to provide expanded coverage of breaking news and crime-related articles is now up and running.

I’ve created a “Gross on Patrol” blog through GoUpstate.com. The crime blog is an extension of my reporter’s notebooks. As you know, a short article in a daily newspaper might not always leave the reader satisfied. My hope is that all the details are there, but some questions may be left unanswered. That’s where utilizing our online strengths comes into play.

My hope is that I can turn to the new blog for expanded coverage of what readers see in print and our our main pages online. I can offer a different perspective, some analytically content and some supplemental content  in the form of photo galleries, videos and audio interviews.

I’m excited for the new venture and hope it’s an offering online readers can feel satisfaction from. As I’ve said before, crime and public safety is on everyone’s mind. It’s one of our most basic concerns and inquiries we have, especially locally.

The Gross on Patrol blog has the room to provide the added insight.


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