NYT’s Brian Stelter heads to CNN


Tweets announcing the “personal news.”

The front page of today’s media industry was all about one man.

New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter will soon leave the paper to become a senior media correspondent for CNN and host of the network’s “Reliable Sources.” That career move was announced today.

“Reliable Sources” is a weekly program that focuses on media news and news analysis every Sunday at 11 a.m.

Brian graduated from Towson University, my alma mater, and more importantly got his journalism feet wet at the college’s student newspaper, The Towerlight. He was the paper’s editor-in-chief before graduating. I had the pleasure of carrying on that torch as The Towerlight’s editor-in-chief four years later and served on the same board of directors with Brian to help guide the paper’s direction.

During his time at Towson, he also created a blog about the television news industry called TVNewser, and the blog’s popularity became the platform to landing a job with The Times. Speaking of which, any media reporters out there? I hear there’s a new job opening.

If you saw Brian guest-host “Reliable” several weeks ago, you’d know that he came off as a natural. He’ll be tasked with rounding up and delivering the news along with interviewing actual reliable sources on air. I’m certainly looking forward to having Brian around every Sunday and I’m sure even more frequently as CNN sees fit.


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