Recent clips: Ethiopian adoption, credit card fraud and school safety

Photo Credit: Graham Cullen/The Frederick News-Post

I meet interesting people everyday. Every so often I find a reason to write about them. Sometimes a person’s story can be just that — a heart-throbbing personal life tale about a situation or circumstance while others’ stories can be the magnifying glass to a broad issue with serious implications.

I thought I’d share a few recent clips, most of which have landed on the News-Post’s A1. Click each link to read the full versions if you have the time.

Frederick family holds onto adoption efforts despite loss

When Mihret Olsson, 7, first stepped foot in her new Frederick home last month, she ran to the grassy backyard as if she had been set free from the dirt pavement that surrounded her Ethiopian orphanage, her adoptive parents said.

But something was missing.

A 2-year-old girl, already adopted from Ethiopia, had done a video chat with Mihret before coming to the U.S. and was not there to share the moment.

Frehiwot Olsson was killed May 18 after being struck by a car at a Walkersville park.

Frehiwot had been in Frederick for about three months. She came to Heritage Farm Park with her father, Sten Olsson, to watch her brothers play lacrosse when an SUV leaving the parking lot struck her.

“It’s something we think about all the time,” said mother Amy Olsson, fighting back tears. “It’s always there.”

The crippling circumstance of losing one adopted daughter and gaining another three months later has been a challenge, said Amy Olsson, but having Mihret in their family is helping them cope and hold onto their passion for adoption.

Full article here.

Credit cards stolen in Frederick County in restaurant door scam

After Susan Jessee helped a man whose arm appeared to be caught in a restaurant door, she sensed that something was amiss.

“Something seemed weird about it afterward, but I had to get to work,” the Myersville resident said. “I had no idea I was blatantly robbed during lunch hour.”

Two accomplices had stolen her wallet on Aug. 15 while she was freeing the man at Panera Bread on Urbana Pike, Jessee later learned, and $10,000 had been charged to her credit cards in a matter of hours from stores such as Target and Best Buy. An additional $6,000 in credit card charges were rejected.

Other thefts using the same method have been reported in recent weeks, according to Jessee and the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said strings of similar cases occur an average of six times per year in the county, and at least two with the same stuck-in-a-doorway scenario are being investigated.

An hour after Jessee’s wallet was stolen, the same thing happened to a woman at a nearby Bob Evans, and another woman was similarly duped a week earlier at the same Panera Bread location.

The sheriff’s office has made no arrests in these cases. As of Thursday, officials had not sought the public’s help or put out an alert about the potential scam.

Full article here.

Resource officer, coach tackles student safety

Teachers and administrators are not the only ones settling into the school year and finding the pulse of the new student body.

Deputy First Class Dwayne Freeman is doing the same — only with a badge.

Sheriff’s deputies are stationed at each Frederick County high school, and their back-to-school tasks include identifying problem areas and being the eyes and ears of school safety.

Thirteen deputies make up the School Resource Unit — 10 resource officers and three supervisors.

Those in the unit switch to patrol duty when school is not in session, but during the academic year, their focus is entirely on schools.

Freeman is adjusting to his first year at Frederick High School by developing a pattern for patrolling hallways and finding “hot spots” where delinquency is most frequent, he said.

“You keep it moving,” he said. “You learn to be visible in a lot of areas, and you learn the areas where you’re needed most.”

Full article here.

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