Cops beat: As the dust settles


I’m now six days into my new job here and today I had my first A1 story published in the Frederick News-Post.
It was regarding something I was thrown into when I came into the office. I sat my MacBook down only to be called out to the residence of a Frederick man who was struck by a car while riding his bicycle the day before. The 26-year-old died the next day after arriving at a hospital, so this was only a couple of hours after he died that I spoke to family – before the dust had settled.
Family members were very responsive to my questioning and I was able to round out the pieces to the tragic story. Currently, there’s a thread of comments trailing below the story online where readers are discussing all sorts of topics relating to why the bicyclist was struck and what type of investigation is being conducted.

On another note, I’ve still been making my rounds around the newsroom and at this point have met most of the news staff, a fine group of dedicated journalists. I’m looking forward to settling in and being able to co-op with some other reporters for enterprise work — in due time.

To top this transition period off, my fiancée and I are getting married this weekend so while I’m starting a new job, my mind is clearly in other places. Couldn’t be more excited for that special day to come.


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