A newfound free moment to break up the day


As you may have noticed, either through my new “about” page or change in tweets, I’ve started the next chapter in my journalism career – life as a Night Cops Reporter for the Frederick News-Post.
There are many differences from my previous post at The Gazette and my role here, but one quick one I’ll touch on now is the hour lunch break (dinner break for me), the basis for me writing this.
They build this into your schedule because, for me, I’m physically needed on the city desk until 11 p.m. or later in order to get the latest and greatest breaking crime news into the next day’s paper. Previously, I could skip my break and work through it, allowing me to leave that much earlier. No such luck here and with good reason.
So three days into the job I’m sitting here in the break room, filled with rows of tables, chairs and vending machines, and I’m staring out into the grassy courtyard and I realize “I have 60 minutes of free time on my hands.”
Of course that free time can be nixed at the drop of a hat if the alarms sound on the police scanner and I’m called out, but in any event this newfound free time alerted me to the notion that I can blog once again.
Also, since this now-blog time is built right into my work day, I can more easily recollect and annotate the ongoings of the newsroom, daily tasks and interesting stories I come across each day.
That’s the reason for this post. It seems that there may soon be many more from me around this time so feel free to check back.
As far as today:
In short, I started my shift realizing there was a motorcycle crash that involved a 22-year-old from Germantown getting flown to shock trauma for injuries. Not sure yet how he’s holding up, but I quickly filed a brief on that and developed it later on in the day. I also took the time to meet with the Frederick Police Chief Thomas Ledwell, among other police officials, and their downtown headquarters. I learned about all sorts of things as it pertains to the department and their eager to get me on a ride-along next week.


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