It’s difficult making time to reminisce, recollect

A collection of reporters covering the College Park murder-suicide at the home of Dayvon Green, 24, who reportedly shot two of his student roommates outside before turning the gun on himself in his backyard.

Never a dull moment


Judging by the time stamps on these posts, I’ve taken a hiatus from the blog. My sincere apologies.

As a cops reporter, it becomes very easy to get lost in the day-to-day muck of police briefs, research, court docs and crime-scene perusing.

These past few weeks have been nothing short of a constant blur.

The blurry symptoms began with a bang – literally. In the early morning hours of a Tuesday, College Park was struck with a murder-suicide involving students living near the University of Maryland campus.

The day of the tragedy was spent on 36th Avenue, the street where the shooting took place, and that same night a memorial was held at UM to mourn the victims. The following days were also consumed by the event that shocked the community by looking into the shooter’s mental illness background and how that related to his firearms purchases. In addition, several handfuls of county and state sources were weighing in on the issue, so content in the trusty reporter’s notebook were running rampant.

My coverage on the case was featured on the Dan Rodricks show on WYPR 88.1 in Baltimore, an NPR affiliate station. Rodricks had me on as a guest for his radio show to discuss the ongoing case and my reporting.

I know this incident was soon followed by several other high-profile story but those stories are currently escaping me. A short time after, several more high school students in Prince George’s County were shot and killed, some over a pair of shoes, some for other reasons.

There were already a number of student murders this year so this brought the total to six in one school year. So once again my hands were tied up into this story, digging into what officials plan to do to divert youth violence, etc. As I write this the coverage is ongoing as a county council has just agreed to set up a task force to make some tangible proposals that aim to curb student killings and youth violence.

A crime scene for a police-involved shooting

Between these two hard-hitting stories were a slew of other high-profile cases that required the utmost attention to the beat.

If only there was a way to stop time, I would dedicate that frozen moment or two to write out a few more blog posts now and then. It’s important to document one’s work.

Without recording what you’re reporting on, many anecdotes, reflections and familiar faces are lost and are very difficult to recollect.


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