Another great post from To Oz and Beyond. Melbourne sounds like a fantastic city! I’ll have to add it to my places to visit!

To Oz & Beyond

Flinders Station

Going on our sixth week of living in Australia’s second largest city, I can honestly say that Melbourne is the best city I have yet travelled.  It’s clean, there’s lots to do, its people are friendly and relaxed, the city itself is beautiful, and the weather, though extremely unpredictable, is overall pleasant. It’s the end of January, middle of the summer, and now approaching our final quarter of our year here in Oz.  And what a great finish of 2012 and spectacular start of 2013 we’ve had!

By Federation Square

Shortly after moving into our apartment here in Southbank, things were chaotic.  We needed to find jobs.  We needed to sell our van.  We also needed to adapt from life on the road surrounded by nature to life in a big city; a first for Miranda and I both.  However, after moving into our new home, our flatmate from California who works at…

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