Facebook rolls out smoother, faster iPhone app


Much needed update for social networking app

This week, the officials at Facebook announced a long-awaited update to their iPhone app, which for long had lagged and struggled to provide all it could on the IOS 5 platform.

Without hesitation, I jumped on the update and was eager to see the power of the latest update, which had claims of being more than twice as fast from its past version.

I’m now about three days in using the new update and each time I open to app to add a new status, check on the happenings of my close friends or upload a few photos or mobile videos, I’m stunned. But not by the lagging or inefficiencies this time. No, the stunned feeling is only from the beauty of the successful update.

First and foremost, the speed does not compare. Extremely fast and easy to do just about any function a user would do normally using a desktop browser.

Along with the speed boost, there are just tons of subtle tweaks and perks I’ve found just by scrolling through the news feed or tagging new photos. From the infamous thumbs up “like” button that lights up blue when liking something, to the sleek transition from viewing a photo then the news feed, to the multiples photos that can be uploaded at once.

This app has it all, and it’s amazing to see such a clean, smooth interface with so many features packed into one app.

Thumbs up to the app developers at Facebook. In my humble opinion, this one was very worth the wait and all of the headaches from using the previous app. Looks like they took our many complaints and lack of use to heart.


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