App review: Bump is an amazing spectacle of wireless photo sharing

A screenshot of Bump. Yes, these screenshots were bumped to my computer for this post.

I just downloaded a new app for my iPhone 4S and couldn’t wait to share the news after testing it out just twice.

It’s called Bump and it is available for free download in both iPhone and Android platforms.

Most notably, the app is used to transfer photos from one mobile device to the other with the simple touch of a button and a physical “bump” or light tap of two phones. The transfer is done in a matter of one to two seconds and you can even select multiple photos to “bump” at one time. Contact information can also be shared with one simple tap.

Not only can you share between phones, but you can transfer photos from your phone directly to your computer as well. Go to and follow the three basic instructions. All it involves is selecting which photo you wish to share on your phone, then tap your phone to the computer’s space bar and boom, that amazing photo you wanted as your desktop background or for whatever reason is now stored on your computer.

I wouldn’t be raving about the app if it were for the technological breakthrough alone. The app itself is crystal clean and very smooth. It’s simplistic and modern and fits all of the requirements of top selling apps in today’s consumer, mobile market.

This is a perfect app for my work as well. In the field, being at pressers or crime scenes, I can’t help but pull out the iPhone and snap a few “b-roll” shots even when I’m carrying the SLR. With the app, I can come back into the office and transfer the photos with ease. No more cords or tedious wait times sending photos through email or what have you. This is the way it should be done and I’m glad to see such useful technology in our hands.

Perhaps the iPhone 5 will have this feature built in by the time it is released, but until then, this app really takes the cake.

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