Regaining sight of the story behind the story

My last post prior to this one was a mere four months ago in February and I realized that four months is far too long. Being entangled in the essence of my job, writing each day and telling the stories of others, I’ve forgotten to tell my own story and offer my own perspectives.

And so, at least for now, I’m planning to make a diligent effort to write in this capacity and tell my tales on a weekly basis to offer an outlook into my work on the beat.

While hearing about anything from bloody shooting recollections to daring rescues, I find it beneficial to note my reflections on such interactions and note my takeaways from each story that the general reader would not find in the traditional newspaper article.

My rejuvenated efforts came shortly after completing several readings. First, I finished a new book I’d highly recommend to anyone  whether they are “successful” business entrepreneurs who think “they have it all figured out” or jobless, homeless men or women looking to find a purpose in life. From Mainland to Maui: Awakening from “The American Dream” is what I would closely relate to a self-help book and was written by author David J. Gross, my brother. The book guides readers in finding their true wants, needs and lifelong goals and encourages individuals to take a step back and evaluate their current state of fulfillment.

An excerpt from the preface:

Is this worth my time and energy? We often go through life assuming that what we’re doing is worth it, but have we ever stopped to ask the question? What is success? The dictionary defines success as, “a favorable or desired outcome,” or, “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.” Years ago and in some poarts of the world ttoday, merely surviving would be considered successful. To the honter, a dead carcass equaled to success. To the gathered, a filed basket as the desired outcome; success! But today, in America, a country with plenty of food and water, how do we define success? This is a book encouraging you to ask these questions.

The second inspirational reading I came across was another of my brother’s, a travel blog he recently created to document his thoughts and experiences beginning with his recent move from Maui to Australia. It was reading when I realized that while I write several stories literally every day, I’m missing out on the “step back approach,” which means taking the time to view my life and career from a looking glass and publishing my observations.

So hopefully, I’ll be making these posts more of a regular thing. And in between blog posts, don’t forget to check out my personal Tumblr profile for frequent updates (mostly iPhone photos) from crime scenes, press conferences, community meetings and other interesting environments in real-time.  For a collection of published stories beginning with the most timely, visit Gazette.Net.

It’s now Sunday and I’m gearing up for another work week after also working this past Saturday as an on-call reporter. Between writing about a visit with the police chief of Prince George’s County during his new use of Twitter and reporting on a theft and sexual assault on the University of Maryland campus, I visited Camp Springs to cover a first-ever Teen Health Summit put on by Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.

Stay tuned for reflections from the week ahead.

One Response to “Regaining sight of the story behind the story”
  1. ctpkathleen says:

    Welcome Back Dan. Looking forward to the next post.

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