Everyday mysteries need answering

How many questions do you end up asking yourself each day? I would say there are at least a dozens things or happenings I witness each day that leaves me asking how something works or where something originated or why certain things do something?

I’m sure there are a number of things people experience or see each day that they simply can’t put a finger on based on their own knowledge base and need to turn to others of a secondary expert resource to discover the answer.

Do you know why geese fly in a V pattern? How about why human joints make a popping sound? Why is the ocean blue? Many of these things can be classified as “everyday mysteries.” They’re not entirely unexplainable, but certainly require some thought and perhaps some extensive Wikipedia research to uncover the answer.

While the answers to these mind-boggling questions may not be answered right away, the main point to note here is the importance of asking such questions. I find that the more questions I ask each day, the better. It creates a heightened sense of awareness and new acquired knowledge, along with some potentially refreshing conversations. It’s important to never stop asking questions. There are many existing “everyday mysteries” that need to be answered and they require people to ask the basic “why” questions to uncover them.

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