Stage collapses during Indiana State Fair, killing five

(Photo courtesy of

By now many of you have probably heard about the state fair stage collapse in Indiana and you may have even seen the shocking video footage of the collapse.

In total, five people died and more than 40 were injured from the collapse. What I didn’t realize is that one of those five victims was actually working on the top of the scaffolding, some 20 feet above the stage, when it came crashing down. I can’t imagine what was going through this individual’s mind just moments before falling.

Since the collapse occurred, the incident is being investigated. According to reports, State fair officials have not said whether or not the stage and rigging was inspected prior to Saturday’s show.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, I encourage you to check it out. It’s very shocking and heart-breaking but important to see. Reading about the accounts of this state fair gone wrong is one thing, but I believe syndicating eyewitness amateur video provides an even greater impact and I’m sure more and more people now care about this issue than they would have if the video did not exist. Amid the tragedy, this is a great example of citizen journalism and eyewitness reporting.

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