The world’s most dangerous road

The Road of Death

After viewing the latest Mitsubishi commercial on TV, I had to look this up. It is the first vehicle commercial shot on what is commonly known as the world’s most dangerous road. During the 30 second spot, new Mitsubishis are weaving in-and-out of tight situations along this very dangerous roadway.

The North Yungas Road, other known as the “Road of Death” or “Death Road,” was christened as the world’ most dangerous road in 1995 by the Inter-American Development Bank. Located along the mountains of Bolivia, the Yungas Road has been an attraction to thrillseekers for years. In fact, an estimate shows that between 100 and 300 people die each year from driving off of the road. That explains why crosses can be seen alongside the road to show where unfortunate travelers have died.

This single-lane road has steep drop-offs of roughly 600 meters, making it nearly impossible to survive a fall if a traveler happened to steer off of the edge. Ironically, with the road gaining popularity and exposure, it is seen as an attraction for thousands of thrillseekers. I’ll admit that this would certainly give me a thrill, but one, I don’t trust my driving skills, and two I’d rather see Bolivia from a bit more inland than these steep cliffs.

Check out the Wikipedia entry for the Yungas Road and see for yourself.

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