(Carroll County Times) Committee rejects memorial designs

Sykesville War Memorial Committee meeting (Photo by Daniel Gross)

As a reporter for The Advocate of Carroll County, I am also given the opportunity to write occasional assignments for the Carroll County Times. Here’s a sample of one of my latest articles for the Times I wrote last week.

I attended the Sykesville War Memorial Committee meeting to report on the updates with Sykesville’s newest project, the Sykesville Military Memorial. The committee, along with interested residents, came to voice their opinions about location, design and title. Ultimately a few decisions were made, but this project is still in its early stages.


Out of the nine memorial designs submitted to the Sykesville War Memorial Committee, none of them were chosen. Instead, the committee plans to construct the memorial using concepts from several of the designs.

During a committee meeting Monday evening, Sykesville Councilman Frank Robert Jr., who heads the committee, said he received nine estimates from Mathias Monuments, a memorial building company in Sykesville, and each of the estimates were out of the committee’s price range. Each of the design proposals was estimated between $10,000 and $50,000.

Robert did not give a specific cap on the budget, but said they will not use any of the town’s money. All of the funding will come from donations and the sale of dedication bricks, which will be used as part of the monument. So far, the committee has received $2,000 in donations, according to Robert.

Some committee members and residents at the meeting voiced opinions about specific parts of the memorial project to narrow down design ideas and determine ways to create the monument.

Out of the three possible locations, the committee chose to have the monument at the Town House facing Main Street. The other two locations in the running were Little Sykes Railway Park and the Centennial Fountain Park.

Read the full story here.

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