Summer season sets in

Click to enlarge. (courtesy of Aol. Travel)

Welcome to the summer of 2011. As you likely know by now, the summer season officially began today, according to the astronomical schedule. In the northern hemisphere, summer extends through June, July and August. That gives everyone plenty of time to schedule those cook-outs, take a trip to a beach or summer destination, and relax from their place of work, whether they are granted time off or not. Despite what the reality of one’s schedule may be, there is a sort of scent that comes with the summer season. It is viewed as a time of relaxation and escape and even if someone is kept working their normal 9-5 job, the work week doesn’t pain them quite as much.

Locals and businesses alike take note of this date as the longest day of the year – summer solstice. On Twitter, a simple search for “summer” will reveal the thousands of accounts posting about the day, and each putting their own twist on the acknowedgement.

@Netflix posted: “In honor of the #firstdayofsummer, tell us – what movie always puts you in the summer mood?”

@WallaceHeatNBA wrote: “Hot pt. No.3-Riley says LeBron to do at least 2 things this summer: Stay in gym to work. And “take a hard look” at Finals film.

@UrbaniteMD posted: “Question of the Day: Where are the best arts and crafts activities for kids this summer in an air-conditioned setting?

So for my summer solstice celebration, I found an interesting summer infographic to share. This comes from Aol. Travel and illustrations the top summer travel destinations if the United States gets hotter, playing off of last week’s heatwave.

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