Heat waves bring crime waves

It’s no secret that when the summer months roll around, criminal activity takes a spike, including and especially homicides, rapes and other violent crimes. In fact, according to the FBI’s website, all crimes rise about 10 percent during the summer season. Murders increase even more during the summer, rising at about 16 percent.

There are two sides to the reasoning behind the increase. The first would be that criminals are less active during cold and gloomy months. If the day is nice and the temperatures are warm, acts of violence may occur simply because it’s easier to be outdoors. The majority of city homicides occur outdoors and in public or semi-public environments so by being actively outside during the summer season, crimes are bound to pop up more frequently.

The second reason for the crime spike during hot days like today, is that the public (the victims) are more careless and carefree when the weather is nice or the temperatures are high. Many reports and public releases from police departments and law enforcement agencies advise citizens to lock their car doors, keep their homes secure, make sure they keep their vacation plans confidential, etc.

This is the same season when many of the neighborhood watch programs begin to gain some momentum as they recognize this national trend.

I found this interesting article on usatoday.com from 2010. It discusses the trend in summer crime spikes and provides bits of information on what certain cities are doing to counter the seasonal sweep.

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