Twitter adds in-house URL shortener

By now, social media news outlets have all reported that Twitter will soon roll out their own URL shortening feature directly on the Twitter website. Without a doubt this means third-party URL shortening services like and may become obsolete.

With Twitter hosting this linking service (which they should have added some time ago), I don’t foresee any outside service staying around. The only benefit other URL shorteners have is the ability to track analytics on your links. Twitter’s URL shortening service will not track analytics. In fact, Twitter’s recent blog post encourages users to continue using third-party shorteners if they wish to keep tacking analytics. This information can be very beneficial to know how many clicks your links are getting, but how often do people really care about these statistics?

More often, you’ll find users simply seeing if there Tweets received a Retweet or Mention from a recent posted link. As you can see, everything is already done “in-house” and so by adding the URL shortener directly on the site, Twitter has set itself up for even further use and traffic.

According to Twitter spokeswoman Carolyn Penner, the site will also recognize if users are posting malicious links and will warn the user at that time. In addition, the shortened link will only take up 19 characters, similar to’s 20 characters.

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