Continuity editing

Continuity editing is a predominant video editing style found in most major films and television productions. There are no jump cuts or montage-style edits, and you typically do not see an ellipse of time. Everything happening in the scene is happening as it would happen in reality. In addition, the camera movements and focus is directed toward the action in the scene or whatever the most important aspect may be.

You may be familiar with the term “continuity error.” This comes from producing a continuity scene where everything must be in order, and yet something falls out of place. If a man takes a drink from a glass and the film cuts to another shot and then back and the man with the glass, the glass should reflect that last drink from the cup and should not be completely full. This would be an example of a continuity error. Here’s another example below. I shot this as an exercise  for one of my broadcast classes at Towson University several years ago. If you notice, when the camera cuts to a close up shot of my arm completing the action, it shows the wrong arm. A clear mistake. These are just some things to watch out for when editing non-linear video for a continuity scene.

One Response to “Continuity editing”
  1. Shamus says:

    Excellent talk on a subject very close to my heart. Keep on keepin on sir!

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