From The Gazette: Patients say thanks after second chance at life

This was another freelance article I wrote for The Gazette in Prince George’s. It was published this week. It was a great event that showed appreciation for the police and EMS personnel who play such an important role in saving the lives of patients. Souther Maryland Hospital in Clinton hosted this second annual awards dinner and spoke of several cases that highlighted the efficiency of those involved. What was interesting is that both the emergency patients and the EMS officials came together for one ceremony to appreciate each other and hear about their life-saving stories.

Clinton hospital awards police, EMS staff in Prince George’s, Charles counties

Upper Marlboro resident Erline Vaughan was commuting to work in November 2009 when she began to have a heart attack. After initially thinking that her symptoms were a flare-up of her Crohn’s disease, she pulled over near the Croom Fire/EMS Station and called 911. Emergency personnel immediately transported her to Southern Maryland Hospital Center in Clinton.

Vaughan, who was going into cardiac arrest, was taken to the emergency room to relieve the clogged arteries, and was put on life-support. During the procedure, her heart stopped three or four times. But after several days, she was able to go home and has had a positive recovery ever since.

“The staff really saved my life. They really did,” said Vaughan, now 65.

Read the full article on The Gazette website.

The article was also published in The Independent, as this version featured a patient from Charles County. The Gazette piece features a Prince George’s County resident.


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