Don’t know what to Tweet? Don’t worry. No one else does.

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It has come to my attention that many Twitter users are in the same boat – they’re not sure what to talk about. It’s clear that Twitter users do appreciate the platform and format of the site and are glad they have a Twitter profile. But at the same time, I believe that many people log on to Twitter but are stumped when they go to fill-in that text field that says, “What’s Happening?”

Instead of getting caught up in wondering what your followers want to hear about or wondering how to attain a large audience, try formulating your own thoughts and interests into 140 characters. Think about what’s going on in your sphere and provide your audience with insight and perspective into whatever issue that may be.

In writing this post, I came across an article from The Urban Muse, which is discussing this very problem. It seems that my hypothesis is now proven. The article points out that no one wants to hear about what you had for lunch or what your opinion is on the sunny day. That’s a given. It’s clear that Twitter  is used (and should be used) for the expansion and dissemination of information. Sharing ideas, intellectual thoughts, breaking news, resources and tips are all posts that frequent the news feed, and it’s all in one central platform.

So if you’re someone who is still trying to find their niche voice on Twitter, consider the following post options before writing that catchy, “retweetable” post.

Links. Linking to something that you’re discussing always helps. Many times, users cannot fully grasp what you’re taking about in just your Twitter post. Consider your Tweet the headline of a story. A catchy headline will get the reader to read the story i.e. the link that you share with the post.

News and updates that matter. Any major or breaking news that you have discovered or overheard is perfectly acceptable. And this goes for a variety of topics. It does not only have to be about crime, politics or sports. If you’re a music fan and you just found out about a new tour date of an important artist, feel free to “break the news” to your followers. This can even apply for larger, national scale updates. When important things happen, it’s understandable and acceptable to form an opinion about it and Tweet the update, with or without your own commentary.

Questions. Theories. If you’ve generated a nice following, it’s nice to throw a curve ball every now and then. If your usual posts consist of your own opinion or straight news updates, blend your posting with a few questions. Ask your followers what they think instead of shoving your own opinion down their news feed. This could serve as a great way to get some mentions as well.

Responses. You don’t have to rely on your own knowledge every time you Tweet. Form a solid collection of profiles to follow so you can see what’s going on around you and get a feel for other opinions and updates. This can take some pressure off of yourself, because instead of thinking of original content, just reflect on what others are saying by responding to them.

Social Media. For those who are on Twitter, most share one common interest – social media. This gives you a Tweet topic right off the bat, because it is likely an interesting point of information for all of your followers. Read a few article, find out what the latest trend or statistic is and Tweet about it. Many times, these types of Tweets can be quirky, sarcastic or fun just because of the nature of the topic. It shouldn’t be hard to think up a few interesting factoids or “nuggets” with this topic and your followers will be sure to “RT.”


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