(Towerlight) Final Editor’s Desk: It was worth every minute

Time well spent as college student, working journalist

This editorial was first published in The Towerlight May 2.

If my life were a book, this would be one chapter that is hard to believe I am finishing. Through my four years at Towson University, I’ve considered myself more of a working journalist than a student. Now why is that? What I’ve come to realize is that yes, there is much you can learn in a classroom that some individuals may never grasp.

Higher education is very valuable, and I am grateful for being able to attend this University. But at the same time, the knowledge you can gain through experiencing true journalism could never be traded nor compared to classroom learning. Baltimore-native H.L. Mencken, one of the greatest journalists to ever live, never attended a college or university. So clearly schooling isn’t everything. And I can say with utmost pride that I have learned more by doing my job here at The Towerlight than attending classes within my major.

That is not a rip at the University’s journalism program. It is just a known fact that when it comes to my field, what matters most is what you can do in the field instead of what you can observe as a spectator. But I must say, going down the experience path has not always been flowers and butterflies.

There were times when I really wanted to play the “student card,” yet because of the nature of my work, I’ve had to leave myself open to negativity and scorn.

In my consistent coverage, constant push, and continuous questioning, I believe some would say that I’ve caused a few headaches for members of the Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, University Residence Government, Towson University Police Department, Housing and Residence Life, and Facilities Management, to name a few.

I am well aware that a number of students, faculty members, administrators and organizations may be saying, “thank God he is leaving.” I don’t blame people for feeling this way. I simply believe that this University wasn’t quite ready for the fourth branch of government to step onto campus. I do believe that what I have covered through my time as the editor-in-chief has been valid and even essential.

I feel that as I go on to the next stage in this industry, news professionals will have a greater understanding of what my job is and what we do. In “the real world,” primary sources and newsmakers understand the watchdog profession and know that they are held accountable, whether they are apt to cooperate or not. That is one reason I am fully ready to dive into the journalism industry.

I’m leaving Towson with confidence that I have done everything I could to stay active and to get set for a positive future. I have to first and foremost thank God for the opportunities that I have had here. Without him, none of this would have been possible. I have to thank all of my professors and advisers here at TU, along with the working professionals in the media whom I’ve connected with over the years. They gave me the support and confidence that I needed when times were tough and when this job was hitting me with its most difficult tasks. I absolutely must thank my family and friends, and especially my fiancée, for their everlasting support.

They’ve pushed me to continue my passion in journalism, even while the market is very unstable. I must also thank The Towerlight editorial staff.

They’ve backed my leadership and kept the fun in the job. Without them, I wouldn’t have seen the humor in such situations. As I bid farewell to this University, all I can say is that the college experience provides so much outside of the classroom.

This is your one chance to get as much experience as possible, so use your time wisely. Take advantage of every connection and every opportunity that you can. Know this now, because if you blink twice, you’ll already have walked across the graduation stage and won’t know what to do next.

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