Know your surroundings

In the latest chapter of my independent study reading, the author explains the value of knowing what goes on around you and fishing for editorial ideas through the concept of keeping your eyes and ears open.

Local community changes are subject areas that readers of a community paper really care about. Take a triffic light malfunction for example. If I notice an inefficiency with a particular intersection traffic light, this could be something that would lend some commentary.

This concept is interesting because it is very different from getting behind a particular political candidate or taking a strong stance with a national wartime decision. These types of ideas, are on a much smaller scale in terms of impact, yet to the local reader, it may be very important.

Things like listening in on others in a grocery store, sparking conversation with a cashier, walking down streets to notice vacancies, and other similar actions all have the potential for great commentary. Local readers look to the newspaper and its editorial staff to comment on such ongoings and provide a public voice to their thoughts.

So mo matter how large or small the issue, an editorial writer can still masked an impact.

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