The pen is the greatest weapon of all



With only a week prior to the Spring semester, I’ve already begun my independent study course on editorial reporting. I’ve purchased a few books that pertain to the field and so far they are phenomenal.

Right now, I’m taking a short break from annotating one of the books, which provides a lot of background on some of the first major journalists and columnists. It also provides a lot of samples and major events that center around some of thr greatest editorial writing.

In my break, I’ve switched to the second purchased book titled, “Writing Opinion for Impact.” I just cracked the book and felt compelled to write about my first impression. On the first page it reads, “Do you want to learn to write editorials and columns that will blister your targets, really tear their hides off?” (See featured image).

This line really got my blood pumping but as I continue reading it says, “If so, you’re reading the wrong book.” Bummer. But what I realized is that the craft of editorial writing can be forceful and pointed, yet it is backed with reason and balance. This enlightens me even  more, because with the proper balance and knowledge put into an editorial, the more impact it can offer.

I’ll be providing frequent updates as I continue through this book.

3 Responses to “The pen is the greatest weapon of all”
  1. What book did you start with? What do you think of it so far?

  2. danieljgross says:

    I started with “Outrage, Passion & Uncommon Sense” and have started “Writing Opinion for Impact” as well.

    So far,the first book has been great and I have been gathering a lot of tips and information bits on the history of opinion writing and how things came to be. The book really dives into how editorial reporting has truly shaped some of the major historical events in U.S. history. I also love reading the examples given because it shows how bitterly real and honest they are about their opinions.

    The second book is also great and is more of a “textbook.” It tells the reader all about what to do and what not to do. It’s nice because it gives the reader tips on how to have that balance. How to back opinion with fact. How to balance emotion with logic.

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