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Welcome to 2011. With each new year, many Americans have a thought or resolution for the future. Something they’ve been wanting to do something, but just haven’t found the commitment. Sometimes resolutions fizz out and aren’t followed through, while others can prove successful and so the person will give a lot of credit to the new year. What makes this happen? What is it about a new day that millions of people jump onto and ride away with a new bag of confidence. Imagine if we treated everyday as if it were the New Year. Would we see fewer smokers? Would America become a “lighter” country with fewer overweight citizens? Would people in society simply be motivated to do more. Imagine how society may change if every day was a “new year.”

And speaking of resolutions and wanting to do certain things. It’s done. The new domain is finally here in 2011. After years of debate, I decided it was time to roll in the new domain name, danieljgross.com. From here on out you’ll see several changes to the site, including an updated “Contact” page, which could only be made possible though the new WordPress 3.0 system update.

On this site, I’ll be continuing the usual “blogging” to offer news and updates, thoughts and opinions and reviews. I’ll also be including a hefty portion of Towerlight and internship work to serve as an online portfolio.

Check back for more frequent updates, subscribe to my RSS, follow me on Twitter or just stumble to my website whenever you’d like – either way, I’m glad you’re here and thanks for visiting.

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