For free note-taking apps, Springpad is the way to go

Courtesy of Springpad

Courtesy of Springpad

I’ve been going back and forth between several note-taking and to-do list applications for the android market. Considering most consumers will stick the the quality free apps, there are several to choose from. But if you’re looking for an all-encompassing app that allows you to jot down notes, set reminders, sync to an online account, share information and keep you on task with to-do lists, Springpad is the way to go.

After testing the application, I’ve found that it offers all a “stay on task” consumer would look for. It offers a home screen to choose from which folder you’d like to look at or edit. There are notebooks, check lists, and even friend lists, to see what others on the network are sharing. As a standard, there are of course several thumbnail icons to choose from when creating new folders or lists to help with organization. When you do set a list or note item you can also set reminders for them and include when things should be do. With each item you can also attach media including photos, text, or audio recordings, which can either be pre-established on your SD card, or recorded on the spot.

To make things even more interesting, it also comes complete with a barcode scanner so there’s one way to eliminate and consolidate apps if you’re looking for more internal space. The barcode app is there because one section of teh app allows you to search for products. So let’s say you want to buy the movie “Inception” on DVD. You can search for the product and it will provide you with Amazon results and you can save that item and put it on your list, or even order it right there. This makes Springpad a great candidate for a shopping app as well.

The only downside I have yet to figure out is how to set a to-do list or item to be due later in the week and have that show up as later in the week. Currently, everything on “my stuff,” the main folder is set for today. An example screenshot for the app shows items for “later in the week” but I haven’t figured out how to set that up just yet.

All of this comes complete with up to date resolution and graphics and a very clean user interface, which you would expect with most new applications.

Oh and did I mention it’s free?

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