(Independent Study) What is editorial reporting?

Writing opinion for impact

Writing opinion for impact

As I embark on this independent study, I aim to accomplish several things. Primarily I have set out to examine the craft of editorial reporting and what it means to write opinion for purpose. From what I’ve gathered thus far, this style of writing and reporting is not your everyday op ed or editorial. It is not a basic commentary of one’s “off the cuff” thoughts and ideas. At the same time, it is also not a straight news article style – one that maintains objectivity and presents both sides of a story in an unbiased manner to present the facts and paint a picutre. What this style we call “editorial reporting” appears to be is a combination of the two of sorts.

As I begin this independent study, I will first conduct a heavy amount of research both in the acedemia, scholar and real life example senses. I have ordered three books to help me gain an understanding of this field so that I may too be able to write in this style. The reading list is as follows:

Through these texts, there are enough examples and enough explanation from various sources who may be able to offer insight into this unique style that has impacted the nation as we know it. I am eager to begin reading each of the ordered textbooks and will be able to provide blog updates as I flow through the pages.

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