Editor’s Desk: The forgotten facilities

This creative illustration is one of many on the bathroom walls. (Photo by Daniel Gross)

This is my latest installment “From the Editor’s Desk,” a regularly published column in The Towerlight. For more Editor’s Desk commentaries, go to thetowerlight.com.

Penises, messages asking “for a good time,” gang signs, F-bombs, obscure fictional creatures and many other obscene writings are all things we’re subject to when using a bathroom at Towson University.

If you haven’t witnessed the splatter of graffiti when using a TU bathroom, I applaud you – you probably spend your life in the College of Liberal Arts building, the newest facility on campus.

I’m not saying that every campus bathroom is littered with out-of-date stalls and inappropriate graffiti, just that most of them are.

Specifically and incidentally, the older academic buildings are subject to the most wrath. Linthicum Hall, Hawkins Hall, Stephens Hall, and most recently noticed, Cook Library, all have numerous bathrooms clouded with the almighty Sharpie.

What brought this to my attention was the first floor bathroom in Cook. While working on a research paper, I decided to take a break and wander into the bathroom to relieve myself from a bottle of water I had gulped down. I strolled away from the up-to-date computer lab and into what I felt was a run-down nightclub or prison cell restroom. Several tiles were missing from the wall, the stalls were rusting away from urine stains, the faucet was constantly running, and the entire place was tagged with profanities.

My complaint isn’t necessarily about being offended or disturbed when seeing the obscene markings all over Towson bathrooms.

Though I will say that it is slightly uncomfortable when I notice a creative, yet oddly shaped cartoon character staring at my prized possessions when using the bathroom. My case here is that it appears Towson has let some of its lesser-renovated buildings fall by the wayside. We all know that Linthicum Hall is set to be demolished, but what Towson seems to be forgetting is that we are still using the facility until it is no more.

Facilities management needs to act on these corroded stalls and decrepit restrooms since we do indeed still use them, including the faculty who teach. I’m sure numerous maintenance employees have even used these bathrooms, but turn a blind eye to the reality that these bathrooms face.


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