Elements of Adobe Photoshop

Change of Scene Productions

Here is a very basic example of a few Photoshop elements and tools. Using the newly created image as an example, we will review how to make shapes, include text, edit text, and stylize graphics.

To make a shape like the boxes you see in the sample logo, select the rectangular tool in your left toolbar (I am assuming you are using Adobe Photoshop CS4). If you hold that button down, or right click, you will be presented with other options like rounded rectangular tool, ellipse tool, line tool, etc. Choose the rounded rectangular too and drag your cursor in your canvas to create the shape with the size you want. Once you have one or multiple images you are ready to edit them.

Choose the layer containing the image you just made and right click and choose blending options. From there you can select color overlay and stroke to change the fill color and/or border around your graphic. You can also add a drop shadow, bevel effect, and many other features to your graphic.

To add text to a Photoshop project, click the “T” tool in your left toolbar. Drag your mouse on the canvas to create a text box. Once the box is created, type your text. Once you have the correct words your looking for, switch to your design toolbar (typically on the right of the program) and your presented with text options. You can change the font type, size, leading, kerning, and other aspects of your text. Remember if you want to move this text box around to place in a better spot on your canvas, click the layer it is in and then make your movement.

This was  a very basic Photoshop crash course to demonstrate how primary tools are used. For all of your graphics, production, and multimedia needs, contact Change of Scene Productions at info@changeofscene.net and receive a free consultation.

-Daniel Gross


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