New YouTube features aesthetically pleasing

This is what viewers now see after watching a YouTube video.

As if these websites weren’t moving fast enough. I’m sure you’re all aware of the frequent Facebook site renovations, offering new features almost monthly. Well now YouTube is feeling a change.

There’s nothing new about their actual website, or how you view and comment each video you see, but the difference comes in the auto-generated option menu at the end of each video played. As you can see, they’ve revamped this feature. Each option they give you after the videos, now looks more like the annotations many people tag onto their videos while playing. There really isn’t a huge difference in usability.

All the same functions are there. Replay, like, share, related videos. The main option now seen is what YouTube has chosen as the next video to see. Whether or not you’re viewing a playlist of videos, YouTube will tell you what’s up next. Not much of a choice, right? Just kidding, in fact, you still have the options, there just offering suggestions. Suggestions are something every social media user has gotten used to i.e. “friend suggestions” so it shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust to.

They do further promote the sharing of videos. Whereas the share feature was solely in the options bar below the video player, YouTube now throws a “share” button right onto the player so you can click the video and instantly send to you social networks before you’re distracted with other videos on the sidebar and elsewhere.

All in all, it’s a mere aesthetic change that YouTube has set in. Nothing to rant and rave about, just something else in the social media sphere that we’re seeing evolve.

New to YouTube, for a self-made tutorial, click here: The YouTube Fix

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