New media relations opportunity

Death of the Cool‘Death of the Cool’ blog takes shape

Since signing on to MDIA 419 Productions, I have taken over their online media marketing department. We recently launched the ‘Death of the Cool’ blog and have installed the first several posts.

‘Death of the Cool’ is their latest short film, a 30-minute personality profile from the original short story by T.C. Boyle. The film premiered late April in Athens, Ohio. All of the cast and crew along with more than 500 guests were in attendance.

Still in post-production, the short film produced by Matt Hardman and directed by John Heeg is being cut down even more in preparation for film festival submissions. During this process, I will be updating the film’s blog, and promoting the production through several social networks and media outlets. Throughout the assignment, I’ve been in constant communication with the producer, exchanging files and brainstorming content.

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