‘YouTubers’ gain from Lebron’s Miami decision

Courtesy of ESPN

During tonight’s ESPN airtime around 9 p.m., there was a special program scheduled for Lebron James to annouce his  free agent decision to go to another NBA team. Needless to say, he has chosen to go to the Miami Heat and will play along side NBA star Dwayne Wade.

This highly anticipated and announced event came as an example for me as I witnessed the online social networks develop around this story. In the age we are now in, it’s evident that everyone’s out to be known and everyone wants attention, at least on the Internet. Immediately after the announcement was made on live TV, the Twitter news feed was filled with the repetition of the announcement. However, this is nothing new and hasn’t been for quite some time. Especially in sports, and sports news announcement from a score to a draft pick, Twitter users are Tweeting these stories instantly.

Courtesy of YouTube

Instead, my attention was focused on the video platform as I saw YouTube get in on the action. I saw numerous videos posted with headlines like “LeBron James chooses Miami Heat live on ESPN” and “Live reaction to LeBron James’s decision to go to the Miami Heat.” Basically, YouTube members used every tag word they could to make sure their video was a hot spot for those in search for additional LeBron James coverage. I even spotted a video with a similar title as the ones above, yet the video was not related to the actual event. This goes to show how many people out there are simply looking for hits to their channel rather then providing quality footage to an audience.

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