“Social Media Day?”

Social Media Day is officially June 30

One of the leading social and new media websites Mashable.com has taken its power of delivering interesting social media news to a new level of authority – they’re creating holidays. Today, June 30, they have created and coined the first Social Media Day.

It’s a day to embrace social media, connect with others about the innovation made thus far and host and attend meetups to celebrate.

Now with having a social media day, June 30, are we not supposed to Tweet, check news feeds, accept connections or post online videos any other day. It seems to me that for the last year and a half, social media day has been everyday. It says on Mashable’s homepage in regards to this new holiday, “connect with your social media community.” On what day of the year don’t we do this? Especially those who are going to their website, it’s almost a slap in the face to see that sentence glaring at you. How ironic, a social media news and information website is asking it’s viewers to connect with their social media community.

It’s very interesting how this came to be and it makes me wonder how the idea came up during an editor’s meeting one day. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go on Twitter to make several posts including the hashtag SMDAY (#smday) so my followers know I’m with the times.

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