Maui vs. smartphone

Mobile shot in Kihei looking towards West Maui.

I’ve just gotten back from my two-week vacation in Maui, Hawaii to visit family and of course, to enjoy the weather, water and wonderful views.

While I took my HTC Droid Eris along with me, I found both positives and negatives from feeling that cell phone device in my pocket. Let me explain.

Hawaii is a place everyone must see, particularly the island of Maui – or if you’re adventurous, Kauai will do the trick as well. Just going somewhere where there’s no stress, no big city and no daily-grind type of issues is what I’m talking about. On the island, I experienced so many great things and throughout the whole vacation I didn’t really have a sense of time, nor did I care what day it was. Most of all I didn’t even really care what I was doing at each moment.

The point of the island is to relax and enjoy what God has created. After talking with several Maui locals and natives, the island has a way about it and typically no one really has problems or issues that gum up the enjoyment of life. It’s almost like it’s the mentality of where you’re at. If you see and witness a wonderful place that makes your spirits high, the odds are you will run into smaller issues instead of bigger ones. This sounds like a completely opposite experience from the mainland lifestyle. All in all, it’s a place that you have to absorb and let yourself go in a sense.

The catch here is my multimedia, news gathering tendencies, which I appeared to bring with me when I reached for my phone to take the first picture coming out of the airport.  There should have been a red flag go off right there. While taking photos is great for memories and as a personal and professional hobby, pocket technologies can quickly alter the island experience.

Relaxing in my brother's back yard.

Throughout the trip I found myself uploading photos to Facebook and Flickr, live-Tweeting various island adventures and searching the “Twitterverse” for Maui related Tweets, especially on the last day. It just so happened that a brush fire started on West Maui and ended up burning more than 5,800 acres and evacuating the wind farm on the mountain. My news intuition really went off on that one.

I can’t say I learned a lesson here, but at least I can say I am at realization of today’s technology, where we’re connected to the world 24/7 and are constantly broadcasting our lives.

Though I must say, my droid takes excellent 5.0 megapixel images and fairly decent videos for a cell phone so it’s hard not to capture each moment, especially the priceless ones you find on Maui. If only there was a solid balance between taking in the moments and documenting the experience.

3 Responses to “Maui vs. smartphone”
  1. Maui says:

    Great review!

  2. adult gifts says:

    ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy.

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