The Foursquare lure

Lately I’ve been up in arms about the increasingly popular location-based social network Foursquare.

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While the idea behind it is fun, allowing you to earn badges with the more places you are checked into and follow your friends to see where they are going, the concept presents a number of safety issues that have already been made public.

I’m not saying anything new here – it is unsafe to let the world know when you are in or away from your home. Increased technology with an exciting, interactive appeal has become a serious concern to safety and privacy analysts. It has now become much easier to have stalkers, predators and intruders due to a user’s online presence.

Not getting into the large amounts of personal information that is thrown out there online day-to-day, Foursquare itself allows a potential stalker or intruder to watch your every move, giving them a huge advantage. Many people have grown to use Foursquare as a game, hence the name “foursquare.” By checking in to a location, they gain points and eventually badges for various things like so many checkins, or creating a new location, etc.

These all give extra incentive to the user to continue displaying their location. It makes you wonder if the creators of Foursquare knew what they were getting into when publicizing their creation.

I admit to using Foursquare, as it is very fun and exciting, not just for my traveling but to see where my friends are going and what they’re saying about the locations. I will say though that it’s not the safest activity to choose.

I’m confident that when I eventually move out of my shared apartment with several roommates and begin to start my own family, telling intruders when I’m leaving the house is not something I’ll be doing often.

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