Working for the campaign


A grassroots political election campaign can be the most jumpstart go get ’em type of experience but also a where do we start, what’s being done experience as well. In the end, you’ve just got to run with it and follow the message of the campaign and what the candidate stands for.

I’ve been asked to be the social marketing manager for Collins Bailey, a conservative candidate running for Maryland’s 5th District in the 2010 congress election. To learn more about the candidate go to Another thing I’ve got my hands in is the redesign of the Web site, which should be up and running soon.

I’ve also been asked to be the video production manager for the campaign, which is what I’ve spent my initial focus on already. So far I’ve been happy with the work I’ve done but after the latest day of shooting promotional videos, there’s certainly a fair share of post production work to follow up with. Even so, prepare to see a handful of uploads to his site, YouTube channel and sphere of social media platforms.

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