What’s in store for 2010

As the new year has approached and we are all now living in the year 2010, we can look ahead and see what’s in store.

For one, we’ve all grown accustomed to saying “09.” But now, do we say “010” or do we say “10?”

Apart from cosmetics of the actual year, technology will continue to skyrocket, most likely in the mobile industry. We’re constantly seeing a demand for mobile advances these past years. With open source networks and constantly growing netowrk coverages, we are bound to see even greater power in the palms of everyday citizens.

The 2010 year will also mark one of the first of the next couple years that will define and shape how America will be viewed toward the rest of the world. The U.S. bills being voted on and passed in Congress are extremely important to the future of the country and representatives in congress have the absolute responsibility to make smart decisions to keep our country free and prosperous.

I will be keeping a close watch on the news and not just mainstream media. You have to look elsewhere to be truly informed.

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