Dead bird skywalk

Since interning at b free daily, a free daily newspaper in Baltimore that is owned by The Baltimore Sun, I have noticed one very important discovery.


Photo courtest of

Since The Sun owns b, we share the same buildings and are just one floor above their newsroom. We also share the same parking garage, meaning we all funnel through the distinct landmark known as the Baltimore Sun Skywalk that connects the garage to the building.

What’s so special about a skywalk, you ask? Dead birds. Every time I walk through this skywalk I can’t help but notice the high rate of small dead birds lying just outside the windows on the walk.

On an average day, I’ll pass five or six dead birds, sometimes colorful, other times damp and dark from their death.

Since the sides to the skywalk are composed of clean and clear glass, the city birds take no notice to its existence. That is, until their faces are mashed up against it.

I do not have a solution to this issue. Perhaps the glass should have translucent designs along the sides of the walk. Maybe birds will be able to better recognize what’s in front of them that way.

Dead bird

Photo courtesy of

As of now, it seems that these birds just don’t recognize the glass at all. Maybe it is because the window’s reflection from the sky.

As a side note, these windows are almost always clean when I see them, so there has to be a number of window washers who tend to them. I wonder if they’ve raised this issue to building management or Sun staff because there’s no way they could avoid seeing the string of bird carcasses alongside The Sun’s Skywalk.

After noticing the issue, I searched for common problems raised regarding the skywalk and I came across Sun meteorology reporter Frank Roylance’s blog where he discussed the bird death issue in a post earlier this month. He speculates that it is a sign that the autumn season is approaching, due to bird migration from the city.


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