Myself in third person

It has been a long summer indeed.

Towson junior Daniel Gross loves every aspect of journalism and new media. However, that is not what he took part in this summer.

He spent most of last summer selling advertisements for a student planner issued each year at the University. Although making a decent amount of money, Gross does not plan on entering the sales field again.

For many years now, Gross has gained a large amount of experience in multiple areas in journalism. He credits these experiences to his drive and passion he has for reporting the news.

Gross has now been with The Towerlight for three years and currently sits in the position of News Editor.  This position includes a handful of new tasks like assigning stories, laying out pages using Adobe InDesign, covering major news stories and many more tasks like these.

Prior to The Towerlight Gross has had his hands wet in a variety of other experiences, dating all the way back to fourth grade when he started his first weekly class newspaper, The Weekly Word.

Other experiences include interning at The Enterprise, a community newspaper for Southern Maryland and working at Southern Maryland’s number one online news source. It was there where he took photos, reported on news events, covered the crime scene and developed and managed Web pages.

The fall 2009 semester at Towson has started for Gross and he plans on gaining further knowledge in the field he is longing to enter post graduation.

He plans and is counting on becoming a TV news anchor and reporter, though he cannot say for sure where exactly that will be.

“The journalism field is at an ever-changing period right now… It’s so hard to say at what aspect I’ll be involved in when I graduate,” Gross said. “All I know is that I am going to love what I do.”

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